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New School Choice for Kids Colorado kids can "open enroll" into hundreds of public schools. The steps below will guide you in the process of finding and open enrolling your child in a public school outside of your attendance area.



An Overview of the Special Education Process

CDE IEP Video (English)     CDE IEP Video (Spanish)


PEAK Parent Center - Colorado's Parent Training and Information Center offering education and training on IDEA.


heartShirl's IEP Tips


Accommodations & Modifications


Fifteen Things About Me - A great "about my child" to give to teachers.


 Special Education Transportation Guide (not a Colorado generated document, but information taken from IDEA)


[INCLUSION] Project Participate - Provides families, educators, administrators and therapists with simple strategies to increase the active participation of students with disabilities in school programs.


[EDUCATION] One-Stop-Shop to Access School & District Data

[EDUCATION] Randy Chapman’s Ability Law Blog  -
Practical comments and information on special education, early intervention, and disability law.


heartMaking the IEP Process Easier and Better from Visions and Voices Together


purple heartIEP Planner from Visions and Voices Together


Decision for Federal Complaint Regarding a 1-1 Para - The IEP offering from the School District must be sufficiently specific so that the services provided and resources committed are clear.




Sample IEPs


Resolving Disputes Between Schools and Parents - Authoritative information about critical aspects of resolving conflicts under IDEA.


heartWrightslaw - Developing a Smart IEP


[EDUCATION] Assemble a Teacher Information Packet - Great anytime, but particularly at start of school year.'s IEP FAQ


 Good IEP "How To's" at (including letter templates). Check out the sidebar menu


purple heartThe Pop-Up IEP - Suggested responses to statements like "The general education teacher couldn't be here today."


 IEP Tips Great website with lots of good information, links and details.


 IEP Goals & Objectives Bank


 Seven Habits of Highly Effective IEP Teams


heartHow to Request a 1-1 Paraprofessional


heartWhen Your Child's Teacher is Not Following the IEP


 Extended School Year Services - ESY (Wrightslaw)


 IEPs for Children with Behavior Problems (Wrightslaw)


[INCLUSION] Kids Together Inclusion Resources - Good website!




For Some Families There’s No Place Like Home: The IDEA and Home Schooling - Randy Chapman's Ability Law Blog


Homeschooling Resources (CDE)




504 Resources and Sample Plans


Information on Section 504 (CDE)


Section 504 - The civil rights of students with hidden disabilities under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.ervices